The Assassination of the Black Male Image


The Assassination of the Black Male Image

by Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Sep 3, 1997

In "The Assassination of the Black Male Image," Earl Ofari Hutchinson tackles the pervasive stereotypes surrounding Black men, highlighting their damaging impact on society. American Justice Project (AJP), dedicated to fighting wrongful convictions and systemic injustices, finds resonance in Hutchinson's message for black men, who are significantly more likely to be victims of The Chokehold and suffer from injustice. 

Hutchinson critiques the media, academia, and popular culture for perpetuating harmful narratives about Black masculinity. AJP's work, from policy advocacy to grassroots outreach, aligns with Hutchinson's call to dismantle these biases and hold institutions accountable.

We strive to reshape perceptions and empower communities, building a path toward a more equitable future. By amplifying voices like Hutchinson's, AJP aims to catalyze meaningful change in the pursuit of justice for all.