What We Do

From policy advocacy to grassroots outreach, AJP’s programs and campaigns are diverse in scope yet unified in purpose. We are foundationally committed to end the chokehold that officials use to unfairly mistreat accused individuals.

  • Our injustice interventions provide relief for individuals harmed by pretrial and administrative chokeholds.
  • Our public education campaigns expose official misconduct and unchecked authority.
  • Our humanitarian campaigns mobilize communities to aid those afflicted, in their time of need.

Our Mission

AJP’s mission is threefold: We safeguard the Constitutional rights of all Americans. We expand access to justice, helping impacted parties find their voice. We increase civic engagement by raising the public’s awareness about their inalienable rights.

Our Vision

AJP envisions a justice system that operates with transparency and accountability, where every individual receives fair and equal treatment under the law. We magnify our impact through strategic partnerships and collaborations, empowering all generations to join us. By confronting oppression and discrimination in the present, we aim to forge a more inclusive and just world for future generations.

Our Values

AJP’s core values underpin all aspects of our work:

  • Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, earning trust through our commitment to truth and non-discrimination.
  • Courage: We call out injustice without hesitation, uplifting the persecuted and taking risks others decline.
  • Resilience: Our team is strong and unwavering in pursuit of justice, no matter the adversity.
  • Inclusivity: We stand against all forms of discrimination, advocating for a society where justice is universal.

Join Us

As a national organization with local roots, AJP is positioned to drive change within the justice system. Whether you’re a chokehold-impacted individual or family, an organization seeking to partner, or someone eager to make a difference, American Justice Project welcomes you. Together, we can end the cycle of injustice and build a future anchored in fairness and equality for all.